Colorado Springs, Colorado. 20th January, 2014.

colorado 1-19-14

Crews are working to fix a large sinkhole. It’s from a water main break off of Kodiak and Monterey. That’s near Circle and Hancock Expressway in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Utilities say they found about the problem around 8 p.m. Sunday.

Crews hope to have repairs done by Monday morning. Nine customers are without water as of 10 p.m. Sunday.colorado 1-19-14

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Hartford, Connecticut. January 19th, 2014.

Crews have finished repairing an early morning water main break on Harper Street that caused a small sinkhole in the roadway.

The break occurred around 3am Sunday affecting nine multi-family houses in the area.

Officials say the front, passenger tire of a parked car slipped into the sinkhole and police later towed the vehicle away.

The Harper Street water main is over 85 years old, according to city officials.

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Foolow, United Kingdom. December 30th, 2103

Ending off the year with a bang.. A monster of a sinkhole swallows Peak District field after extreme wet weather..

peak 3 peak 2 peak 1THIS monster sinkhole might look like a scene from a disaster movie but it is just the latest havoc caused by Britain’s extreme festive weather.

Locals believe heavy rain caused the massive chasm…
The 160 foot wide and 130 foot deep chasm, which is still growing, opened up at Foolow, in the Peak District, due to heavy rainfall over the Christmas period.Locals believe the freakish hole was caused when heavy precipitation made part of the Mill Dam Old Lead Mine, in Derbyshire, cave in.

Its massive proportions can be seen in comparison to a passerby captured in images at the sinkhole’s edge.

Electricity engineers visited the site today to assess the re-routing of cables, after two electricity poles were left standing precariously either side of the hole.

Engineers had to re-route electrical cables due to the massive sinkhole.
Forecasters warned today that the deluge is set to continue lashing the UK throughout January, with areas already suffering flooding braced for more chaos.The warning comes after Christmas storms left some areas under inches of floodwater and thousands of homes without power for ­almost a week.

Four inches of rain could fall in parts of the UK over the next 10 days – with the South once again bearing the brunt, forecasters said.

David Cameron urged the Department for Communities and Local Government to “ensure councils have robust plans” in place for the incoming weather.

The Government’s Cobra emergency committee has discussed the crisis and agreed to give funding to councils struggling to cope.

A passerby looks tiny compared with the huge chasm.
The Met Office said the unsettled weather is “more likely than not” set to persist until late next month.“This would mean spells of dull, wet and windy weather alternating with brighter but colder and showery periods, including some wintry showers,” said a spokesman.

Jonathan Powell, of Vantage Weather Services, said three separate storms are gearing up this week, with gales of up to 90mph and downpours.

He said: “There is a three-pronged attack due this week with storms due on Sunday night, Tuesday and then again on Wednesday with a complete New Year washout on the cards.”

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Santa Fe, New Mexico. October 10th, 2013.

santafe 310-10 at 5.44.15 PM

What started as a small leak that nobody could see, grew and grew until it became a big problem that nobody could ignore.

And it left dozens of Santa Fe residents without water, power or a way to get around their neighborhood.

“Oh, look at all the water,” said Tanya Frank.

A six-foot deep sinkhole at the intersection of Camino Sierra Vista and Onate left around 50 homes and a hair salon without water.

“I just got that far and I could see the water just gushing. It was just amazing. It was like a nightmare. It was like a sci-fi movie,” describes Dolores Martinez.

A 12-inch water main burst, pushing water up to the surface, creating cracks in the pavement, until it gave out.

Santa Fe Emergency Management says hundred year old pipes and a dip in temperatures can bring the possibility of sinkholes.

“It’s difficult to prevent. It can be very expensive and disruptive to replace all the water mains,” said Andrew Phelps with SF Em. Management.  “A lot of times it’s looking for smaller leaks before they become huge eruptions.”

“It is pretty scary especially if you’re trying to drive by, are you going to sink? is it going to collapse,” said Frank.

Phelps says terrifying images out of Florida of a resort being devoured aren’t likely to be seen here.

“That’s an issue in wetter climates you see a lot in Florida where it’s closer to sea level,” said Phelps. “The water table is a little bit different. So we really don’t have those types of sinkholes right here.”

Power was also shut off in part of the area.

Repair crews hope to have the water restored early in Wednesday morning.

The city says this is a good opportunity to remind people to have an emergency plan in place that includes having three days’ worth of water.Santafe2013-1 Santafe2013-2

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Alberta, Canada. October 10th, 2013.


It only took an hour to demolish a house that had been in the same family for three generations but for the young homeowners, who’d experienced a sinkhole during the June flood, it meant progress in their quest to return to a normal life.

“It is a joyous occasion,” said Cody Weiss as he watched the demolition crew get ready on Wednesday morning.

After three months living in a hotel, while discussions took place regarding the future of homes in the Flats deemed unsafe due to sinkholes, Weiss’s partner Brittney Meier was also smiling as demolition began.

“If my grandma Veronica Meier was here and could have seen what happened in the flood she’d also say we should get rid of it,” said Brittney.

Her father Charles Meier was in a more sombre mood.

“It sucks,” he said.

As heavy equipment bashed away at the structure and walls tumbled down, Brittney’s mood changed to one of reflection.

“I’ll try to remember the home by looking at photos from happier times,” said Brittney. “My grandma made this a happy home.”

The couple’s home on Queen Street is one of about 14 with sinkholes the Province has agreed to replace with a new one of the same size. For those who do not want to rebuild in the same location there is the option of a cash buyout the choice Weiss and Meier opted for.

Weiss and Meier were required to submit two quotes for demolition to the Disaster Recovery Program, which agreed to cover the cost.

After the rubble is removed from the site, the City will purchase the lot from the couple. Mayor Norm Boucher has said empty lots such as this will perhaps become community gardens in future.

Weiss says they will buy an existing home in Crescent Heights — as far from a flood zone as they can get.

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Dekalb County, Georgia. October 8th, 2013.

10-08-2013sinkhole I85-5 10-08-2013sinkhole I85-4 10-08-2013sinkhole I85-3 10-08-2013sinkhole I85-2 10-08-2013sinkhole I85-1

Drivers on Interstate 85 south through DeKalb County should expect delays until at least Wednesday afternoon due to roadwork on a large sinkhole.

Workers are doing emergency repairs on I-85 just north of the interchange with Clairmont Road, and are working nonstop.

The sinkhole formed beneath a drainage pipe under the road. It is at least three or four feet deep.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has closed two southbound inside lanes (the HOV and adjacent lane on the left) to repair a failed drainage structure.

Drivers are encouraged to be extremely cautious when passing through the area and to take alternate routes if possible. 11Alive traffic anchor Elle Duncan recommends taking Buford Highway.

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Orleans, Ottowa. October 7th, 2013.

st-joseph-sinkhole updateottowa-2013-4ottowa 2013-3 ottowa 2013-2 SINKHOLE-OTTAWA-2013

A sinkhole opened up in the Ottawa community of Orleans Monday morning.

The hole formed on St. Joseph Blvd. and Edgar Brault St., according to the CBC.

This is not the first sinkhole in that area. In 2012 a hole in the area swallowed a car. The driver was able to get out with only scrapes and bruises. That sinkhole even inspired a joke Twitter account.

A number of reporters and drivers tweeted photos of the latest sinkhole.

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