Dekalb County, Georgia. October 8th, 2013.

10-08-2013sinkhole I85-5 10-08-2013sinkhole I85-4 10-08-2013sinkhole I85-3 10-08-2013sinkhole I85-2 10-08-2013sinkhole I85-1

Drivers on Interstate 85 south through DeKalb County should expect delays until at least Wednesday afternoon due to roadwork on a large sinkhole.

Workers are doing emergency repairs on I-85 just north of the interchange with Clairmont Road, and are working nonstop.

The sinkhole formed beneath a drainage pipe under the road. It is at least three or four feet deep.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has closed two southbound inside lanes (the HOV and adjacent lane on the left) to repair a failed drainage structure.

Drivers are encouraged to be extremely cautious when passing through the area and to take alternate routes if possible. 11Alive traffic anchor Elle Duncan recommends taking Buford Highway.

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Orleans, Ottowa. October 7th, 2013.

st-joseph-sinkhole updateottowa-2013-4ottowa 2013-3 ottowa 2013-2 SINKHOLE-OTTAWA-2013

A sinkhole opened up in the Ottawa community of Orleans Monday morning.

The hole formed on St. Joseph Blvd. and Edgar Brault St., according to the CBC.

This is not the first sinkhole in that area. In 2012 a hole in the area swallowed a car. The driver was able to get out with only scrapes and bruises. That sinkhole even inspired a joke Twitter account.

A number of reporters and drivers tweeted photos of the latest sinkhole.

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Cordova, Tennessee. October 7th, 2013.

Cordovatennesee2013-8 Cordovatennesee2013-1 Cordovatennesee2013-2 Cordovatennesee2013-3 Cordovatennesee2013-4 Cordovatennesee2013-5 Cordovatennesee2013-6 Cordovatennesee2013-7

Cordova resident Mansi Gadi says she is tired of looking out in her backyard and seeing MLGW road barrels.

“Water comes in and with all this dirt and mud and everything … It drains all the way down and it comes on our patio,” said Gadi.

Just below the orange barrels sits a huge sinkhole.

Gadi says the hole itself has been there since she moved in five years ago. But in the past year, it has gotten bigger and nothing is being done about it.

“Last week, somebody from the city came and I was here. He just came and didn’t look and the size of the hole. He just said it’s the homeowners responsibility,” she said.

On the other side of the fence is a box with wiring inside.

Gadi’s been told that is a collapsed cable box.

Other cables and wires are also dangling in the air in the middle of the huge hole.

“We want somebody to address the issue because it can wash away our house at any point in time,” said Gadi.

Gadi says she has also called MLGW. Crews came out earlier in the month.

Gadi says she has been covering up the growing hole with wood.

Whether it is the city or MLGW, she wants something done before she, her husband or their dog get hurt.

“All this soil erosion just happened. I want this to get fixed because it isn’t my fault. This was because of this so they should fix the whole issue,” said Gadi.

After the Action News Five Investigators called MLGW, they say crews are scheduled to come out this Thursday and fill in the hole with gravel to try and stop the erosion.


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New York, New York. October 4th, 2013.

It’s a smooth ride now on a Harlem street since a serious sinkhole has finally been filled.

A month ago, NY1 For You told viewers how drivers complained that their repeated calls to the city over several months did nothing to fix the hole.

“They filled it no less than about five to six times now,” said resident Jorge Leger. “Every time that they fill it, a couple of weeks later to a few weeks later, it keeps sinking.”

“They patch it, like, every two weeks, and then, it gets worse and worse and worse,” said resident James Peters.

Residents worried about their tires, but more importantly, their safety.

“It’s a dangerous situation because it keeps sinking,” Leger said.

After neighbors contacted NY1 For You, NY1 For You called the Department of Environmental Protection, and a DEP official said that a manhole at the location was broken and scheduled to be reconstructed in the coming weeks.

After our story aired, DEP got to work, and now, the sinkhole no longer exists.

– See more at:–city-fixes-sinkhole-on-harlem-street#sthash.MkondHQO.dpuf

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Austin, Texas. October 1st, 2013.

Austin2013-4 Austin2013-3 Austin2013-2 Austin2013-1

A sinkhole in a popular Austin shopping center is several feet deep, thanks to the weekend rains. It’s next to Zinger Hardware store in the Central Market shopping center on North Lamar Blvd.

A concrete sidewalk has caved in, leaving a gaping hole that’s 12 feet deep.

“There’s a metal pipe, that’s the storm drain, that just corroded over time, and it has just begun to collapse,” said Michael Ferweda, the owner of Zinger.

Ferweda says the problems started back in April. It was the weekend’s heavy rain though that was enough to make the ground fall in.

The storm drain pipe runds from North Lamar in the 4000 block, east, under the shopping center and empties into the pond in Central Park.

The chunk of land washed away from under the sidewalk and wound up in the pond.

The sidewalk has been blocked off since problems started 6 months ago, creating a tough situation for business.

“Having the walkways, having the access to our building cut off as long as it has been, absolutely it’s caused decrease in traffic, decrease in sales,” said Ferweda.

The sinkhole exposes the supportive pier structures under the building, but Ferweda says they’ve been told they are structurally sound, for now. He hopes customers will walk around the mess, until it’s all fixed.

Barshop and Oles is the company which owns the property. Ferweda says property management will be out at the site Monday to see what needs to be done.

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Lenoir, North Carolina. October 2nd, 2013

lenoir-sinkhole3 lenoir-sinkhole1

Sinkholes across downtown Lenoir could cost the city nearly $6 million to repair. This summer’s heavy rain damaged one of the city’s oldest drainage lines close to where two one-way streets merge and create a funnel of traffic through downtown.
Drivers may not even see something wrong unless they get out of their vehicles.

“It is crazy to charge a million dollars for that,” said Julio Jaurez, resident. “That is nothing”

From above ground, it is difficult to see how the small holes like the ones along West Avenue could cost so much to fix.
City of Lenoir officials said the 8-foot diameter line was built more than 70 years ago.

There are cracks in the walls and ceiling where the pipe had corroded, causing the pavement above to sink.

“The infrastructure is getting pretty old,” said Buddy Detter, resident. “This is the second sinkhole we’ve had here in the last couple of months.”

City leaders are in the early stages of making repairs, and it may be next year before they begin.

They have $3 million in reserve funding, but spending it all on the storm-drainage line would eat up one-third of those funds that are set up for emergencies.

Wet weather over the summer is to blame, according to some residents.

“We’ve had a lot of rain,” said Wayne Cassavaugh, resident. “A lot of things washed out.”

Another resident, Anthony Tilley, said, “It’s going to hurt the taxpayers a lot.”

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania. October 3rd, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 3.47.30 PM


The 300 block of East Walnut Street is expected to remain closed for two to three hours as crews repair a sewer line.

Initial reports that the street closure was the result of a truck stuck in a sinkhole were incorrect.

Charlotte Katzenmoyer, the city’s director of public works, said crews are repairing a partial collapse of a 10-foot section of brick sewer line. The line is about 10 feet below the road surface.

Katzenmoyer said the issue was discovered by UGI crews who have been working in the area.

Westbound traffic is being diverted at Plum Street, police said. Commercial vehicles must turn south on Plum.

Road construction has been ongoing in that block of Walnut Street.

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