Gateshead, United Kingdom. June 26, 2016.



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One of Britain’s major roads connecting the north and south is shut for emergency repairs after the five metre gaping hole causes traffic chaos.

No one was injured in the collapse of the motorway, which is also three metres deep.

The northbound A1 between junctions 67 and 68 in Gateshead is expected to be closed all day.

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said: “At around 11.45pm on Saturday, 25 June, police were contacted by the Highways England reporting that a large sinkhole (5m wide and 3m deep) on the A1 near to the Lobley Interchange on the Northbound carriageway.

“This has resulted in the carriageway between Coal House (junction 67) and Lobley Hill (junction 68) being closed this morning as work takes place to fill the void found underneath the road.

“Nobody has been injured and officers are working closely with Highways England to assist with traffic management.

“A clearly signed diversion is in place at Junction 67, with drivers advised to follow the Solid Triangle when leaving at the junction to pick up the local route through the Team Valley trading estate and re-join the A1 at J68, however it is expected that this diversion will be extremely congested therefore drivers are asked to avoid the area unless absolutely necessary.

“Alternative routes for Northbound drivers are the A19, A184 or A194 depending on the destination.

“Please also allow extra time.

“We don’t have information when the roads will be re-opened at this time.”

Northumbria Police have advised motorists to travel on the following diversions:

1. A1 Northbound diverted onto A690 then onto A19 towards Newcastle

2. A1 Northbound onto A194M near to Birtley Services

3. Take A19 to A184 into Newcastle or back onto A1

4. Coalhouse Roundabout through Team Valley Trading Estate and back onto A1

5. Come off at Eighton Banks (A167 Durham Road) through Gateshead to Tyne Bridge or A184

All routes are likely to be busy especially rejoining the A1.

HGVs are requested to plan to use either diversions 1 or 2 unless necessary for local deliveries.

A statement from Highways England said: “It will take significant resources and time to complete this repair.

“Road users are advised to allow plenty of extra time for their journey.”

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Chandler, Arizona. June 24th 2016


A sinkhole closed roads in south Chandler Thursday afternoon, and area is still yet to be repaired Friday.

According to Chandler police, the sink hole, which closed two lanes of eastbound Ocotillo Road from Arizona Avenue to McQueen Road, was caused by a break in a 16-inch water mainline.

The water main has been repaired but the damage to the roadway is expected to keep the road closed into the weekend.

Chandler Police Department spokesman Joe Favazzo said street crews hope to have all the repairs completed by Saturday.

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Powell, Ohio. June 23rd, 2016.


The tremendous amount of rainfall overnight into Thursday has caused at least two area streets to give way.

“Its bad news, no one can get across it and we’re kind of just stuck here,” Janet Blatnik said.

One sinkhole is on a private drive in Powell. Three homes are on one side of the washed out road but the exit is on the other side.

The Blatniks, who live on the road, were trying to head out on vacation Thursday.

“We have a car full of groceries and clothes and equipment to go boating and who knows if we’ll get there today or not,” Blatnik said.

Since the sinkhole is on a private road, the city isn’t responsible for the repairs but they’re helping out right now.

“They don’t really have any answers for us at this point,” Blatnik said.

A similar situation happened in north Columbus but with a worse outcome.

“We’ve been aware that this is failing for some time,” Mark Cooperman said. “It was just a matter of time and I guess that rain was enough to do it. “We thought it was fixed, apparently, that’s not the case.”

Freeway Road runs in front of a large office complex managed by Mark Taggart. He said he alerted the city two years ago. His maintenance man drove through what he thought was standing water Thursday when he drove into the sinkhole.

“He’s alert and talking but he’s pretty beat up,” Taggart said.

The city said it did do a temporary fix and was just about to start the permanent project. It was also a culvert issue that buckled the road and brought water pouring into an office building.

The Columbus Department of Utilities spokesperson said the road is obviously a priority to fix now. The complex brought in a company immediately to take care of the flooded building.

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Allentown, Pennsylvania. June 22nd, 2016.


The 700 block of Walnut Street in Allentown is shut down after a small sinkhole opened up overnight. Firefighters tell us a man was walking on the street when his foot broke through and was stuck in the hole. They had to rescue him and he was taken to a local hospital for his injuries. Officials tell us the hole is deep and the city’s street department will have to come out Wednesday morning to check it further.

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Huntington Park, California April 12th 2016



A large crater has opened up on the grounds of an LAUSD school whose site was once at the epicenter of an environmental justice battle. The crater measures about 75 feet by 45 feet according to CBS Los Angeles. Regardless, class remained in session Tuesday at Linda Esperanza Marquez High School in Huntington Park. The school, which opened in 2013, is built on the rubble of “a former toxic concrete mountain” known as “La Montaña.” LAUSD spokesperson Elvia Perez told LAist that “there is no known correlation” between the current crater and the ground beneath the school.

Despite news reports declaring the crater on the school’s basketball court to be a sinkhole, Los Angeles Unified School District officials maintain that the collapse in the concrete is the result of a “man-made water collection basin.” An LAUSD official told LAist that the “man-made water collection basin” in question is a storm water retention and recharge system used to collect excess rain water, and that it was built during the school’s construction in 2012.

La Montaña was a five-story high pile of concrete debris and crushed asphalt collected from freeways damaged by the 1994 Northridge earthquake, along with other solid waste, “that dominate[d] its environs like some immovable force of nature,” as the L.A. Times wrote in 1996. The 600,000 ton pile of rubble, which stood so long that trees were growing from it caused major health problems for residents of Huntington Park, a predominately Latino working class community southeast of downtown. “If there has ever been a poster child for environmental justice, this is it,” Integrated Waste Management Board chairwoman Linda Moulton-Patterson told the L.A. Times in 2004.

After a decade of community activism and courtroom battles, cleanup of La Montaña finally began in 2004. The school is named for community activist Linda Esperanza, whose apartment once faced the rubble.

Recent headlines about lead poisoning from Vernon’s Exide plant have once again brought issues of environmental justice to the forefront of the civic conversation, but this is sadly no new battle. In a city of smog and traffic, low-income communities of color have a long history of being disproportionately affected by environmental hazards.

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California, April 10th 2016

It’s been a busy week in California.


madera 2016


Authorities have shared video of the moment when a sinkhole formed in the middle of a road just north of Fresno.

The 15-foot-by-20-foot-deep sinkhole formed in a 12-foot-by-15-foot section of the street, causing the street fall to into the sewage line, the City of Madera Police Department said in a Facebook post. The road is expected to be closed for repairs for an “extended” period of time.

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Norhausen, Germany. February 22nd, 2016.

A massive 50 meter deep sinkhole has swallowed up parts of two uninhabited buildings in a German town. Luckily no one was injured in the incident. The hole continued to grow over the weekend.

According to local authorities, the earth began to swallow the district-owned service company in the city of Nordhausen on Friday night. Witnesses said they heard a rumbling before two sinkholes opened up, engulfing parts of two buildings.

The dual ground openings eventually merged to form one large crater, measuring 50 meters deep and 30 meters wide, that has since been filled with groundwater.

© Ruptly

Part of an office building and an outbuilding broke off and plunged into the depths unexpectedly. Now both buildings are in danger of collapsing.

The authorities cordoned off the site of the disaster and are investigating the cause of the sinkhole. Experts of the State Mining Authority and the Thuringian State Institute for Environment and Geology (TLUG) are responsible for the probe. According to officials, a much smaller sinkhole was found near the site six years ago.

This coming Monday the District Administrator Matthias Jendricke (SPD) will meet representatives of the Nordhausen fire department and other services to discuss further steps to deal with the sinkhole and the surrounding structures.

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