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Syracuse, New York. April 26th, 2011.

Syracuse officials fear that the 20-feet deep sinkhole being repaired on Richmond Avenue today is just the first of several holes created by rushing water during that fierce storm that dumped 1.8 inches of water on April 26. “We anticipate … Continue reading

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin. March 12th, 2011.

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City crews are now busy trying to make sure a massive sinkhole formed near Humboldt and Commerce in Milwaukee on Saturday evening does not grow bigger. Two cars parked along the road fell into the sinkhole. The sinkhole is estimated … Continue reading

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The Planet Mars. Date unknown.

Gushing flood formed giant Martian sinkhole LIKE water draining from an unplugged bathtub, meltwater flowing through deep cracks in the Martian rock may explain the origins of the enormous Hebes Chasma canyon. About 100,000 cubic kilometres of material had to … Continue reading

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Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park, Gainesville, Florida.

Although geologists can’t say for certain, the Devil’s Millhopper sinkhole probably started forming ten to fifteen thousand years ago. Here are the historical and informational descriptions from some placards around the park: Devil’s Millhopper Name During the last century, the grist … Continue reading

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Schmalkalden, Germany. Nov 1st 2010

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A giant sinkhole under a residential street, which claimed a car and left another car hanging over the edge, is seen in Schmalkalden, central Germany. The cause of the sinkhole is yet unclear. Residents were evacuated from 23 buildings. Nobody … Continue reading

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Berezniki, Ural Mountains,Ukraine. 2010

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Massive and long-lived sinkhole opens up near railway lines carrying potash. World wide potash prices have risen over fears the sinkhole will eventually make the railway unusable. .

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Guatemala. May 31st 2010

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Ker Than for National Geographic News Human activity, not nature, was the likely cause of the gaping sinkhole that opened up in the streets of Guatemala City on Sunday, a geologist says. A burst sewer pipe or storm drain probably hollowed out … Continue reading

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