About www.thesinkhole.org

This site is the world’s largest collection of sinkholes images and video. After a couple of years of collecting photos, books and videos of sinkholes around the world and the urging of friends, I’ve decide to put all of this wonderful material in one easy to use package. This is a labour of love for now. But if you see a sinkhole in your area and would like to submit pictures I would be very happy to post them.

A huge thanks to all the contributors around the world, especially South East Asia, Florida and China.

37 Responses to About www.thesinkhole.org

  1. jon in NH says:

    This is ten kinds of awesome. I am, at this point bowing down to the effort. You should run for some random state office just because. Really.

  2. Joshua says:

    This site is tremendous. I’ve been searching for years to find me some one-stop sinkhole shopping. This stake you’ve claimed here on the InterWebs is invaluable. I would like to pay you for this service – do you accept paypal?

  3. Paul Berolzheimer says:

    Ben, you are the undisputed king of sinkholes. I’m proud of you.

  4. Keit says:

    Hi Ben, and thank you for sharing with us this amazing, years long collection of sinkholes! I have a question about it. Did you notice any increase in number of appearing sinkholes around the world? Thanks!

    • Ben says:

      Yes and no. As infrastructure grows and ages, and human’s building expansion increases there are more man-made sinkholes. I think sinkhole frequency will peak between ice ages, which might be right now.

      • Keit says:

        Very interesting. Thanks for replying.

        You said: “between ice ages”, and since I don’t know much about sinkholes, would appreciate if you could refer me to a site or an article that may explain this angle of “why” between ice ages. What about “little ice age”?


    • Ben says:

      Merci beaucoup! Unfortunately I consider this un “glissement de terrain” and not un “Gouffre” or une “entonnoir doline” but thanks for sending this to me!

  5. Tim says:

    This is an awesome site!
    Really well done.

  6. Chris says:

    Check out the our sinkhole in Ottawa, Canada. It was on an off-ramp of an expressway, and totally swallowed someone’s car during rush hour on Sep 4, 2012. Amazingly, the driver escaped with minor cuts and bruises:


  7. Liz says:

    Great work keeping record of these. Very much appreciated!! Can you contact me? I have some questions for you. Cheers

  8. Gail Tucker says:

    Is there an ‘alert’ area for Florida?…with buying real estate in mind, where a propsective buyer can steer clear of highly prone areas? geological studies available maybe ?

  9. stefania.nisio@isprambiente.it says:

    Dear Sinkhole.org,
    I’m a italian geologist and my job, in the I Geological Survey of Italy, is tle “sinkhole project in Italy”
    I send you few of the best sinkholes in Rome in the last days:
    29 ott 2012 – Italy, Rome, Aventino district:


    27 april 2012 – Italy Rome, Monteverde district

    23 dic 2008 – Italy Rome St. Peter

    I f you need moore information about italian sinkhole, please writw me. stefania.nisio@isprambiente.it.

  10. Hi there. This is an awesome site. I live in Florida and can appreciate the fascination with sinkholes. If you’re game, I’d love to interview you and pitch some stories about your site.

  11. Hey there. This is a great site. I live in Florida and can appreciate the fascination with sinkholes. If you’re game, I’d love to interview you about your site. I think it would make for a really interesting article to pitch.

  12. compuchip says:

    This is great – any chance you might break it down by country and state so we can see what sink holes are in what states?

    • Ben says:

      The locations of the posts are public, we’re working on a map. However, we only show sinkholes that have video or pictures, the majority of smaller sinkholes have neither.

  13. Katarina says:

    Hi there, you should really take a look in Australia too, there have been several opening up in the last couple of years. Most recently two days ago in a Sydney suburb called Harris Park.
    Thanks 🙂

  14. Brian Wong says:

    who made this and when?

  15. Brian Wong says:


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