Fukuoka, Japan. November 8th, 2016.

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-4-12-33-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-4-14-08-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-4-13-50-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-4-14-22-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-4-13-52-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-4-13-54-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-4-14-01-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-4-14-47-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-4-14-25-pmA gigantic sinkhole has opened in the southwestern Japanese city of Fukuoka, swallowing huge sections of road near underground work to extend a subway tunnel.

An 8 meter-wide hole was first reported early Tuesday, according to Motohisa Oda, a crisis management officer from the city of Fukuoka.
Nearby residents were evacuated, and five major roads cordoned off in Hakata ward in Fukuoka’s business district.
The gaping hole — which started off as two smaller ones before merging into the larger cavity — appeared 300 meters from the JR Hakata railway station.
The sinkhole is now a whopping 27 meters wide, 30 meters long and 15 meters deep.
It is filled with water that seeped in from sewage pipes destroyed by collapsing sections of road.
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