Powell, Ohio. June 23rd, 2016.


The tremendous amount of rainfall overnight into Thursday has caused at least two area streets to give way.

“Its bad news, no one can get across it and we’re kind of just stuck here,” Janet Blatnik said.

One sinkhole is on a private drive in Powell. Three homes are on one side of the washed out road but the exit is on the other side.

The Blatniks, who live on the road, were trying to head out on vacation Thursday.

“We have a car full of groceries and clothes and equipment to go boating and who knows if we’ll get there today or not,” Blatnik said.

Since the sinkhole is on a private road, the city isn’t responsible for the repairs but they’re helping out right now.

“They don’t really have any answers for us at this point,” Blatnik said.

A similar situation happened in north Columbus but with a worse outcome.

“We’ve been aware that this is failing for some time,” Mark Cooperman said. “It was just a matter of time and I guess that rain was enough to do it. “We thought it was fixed, apparently, that’s not the case.”

Freeway Road runs in front of a large office complex managed by Mark Taggart. He said he alerted the city two years ago. His maintenance man drove through what he thought was standing water Thursday when he drove into the sinkhole.

“He’s alert and talking but he’s pretty beat up,” Taggart said.

The city said it did do a temporary fix and was just about to start the permanent project. It was also a culvert issue that buckled the road and brought water pouring into an office building.

The Columbus Department of Utilities spokesperson said the road is obviously a priority to fix now. The complex brought in a company immediately to take care of the flooded building.

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1 Response to Powell, Ohio. June 23rd, 2016.

  1. Sandra says:

    This is crazy! I didn’t know this could happen to the roads. I’ll have to be more careful on the roadways after a heavy couple days of storm. How do you repair something like this? Fill it with concrete and sand? Thank you for the article.

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