Kent, UK. February 22nd, 2016.

A woman had a shock when she looked in her front garden to find that a tree had been swallowed by a sinkhole.

Zoe Slater, 24, from Boughton near Canterbury, Kent, was stunned to see the sinkhole, which measures 10 feet in width, on her property.

The phenomenon swallowed an eight-foot tall tree that was in her front garden. Initially, she thought it had been stolen by vandals.

It is believed the sinkhole formed on Saturday because of leaking water from an underground pipe.


Ms Slater said her two children are scared to stay at home.

She told Kent Online: “It’s absolutely unbelievable. I looked out in the morning and thought ‘hang on, the tree’s gone’. I thought it must be vandals.

“It was a lot taller than me – seven or eight feet – and it had gone.”

Ms Slater, a part-time cleaner, said the hole is filling with water. Only the top branches of her tree are visible.

“My children always play out the front in the summer with the neighbours,” she said. “I’d hate to think what could have happened.”

The area around the sinkhole has been cordoned off.

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