Franklin County, Kentucky. July 22nd, 2015

Spooky stuff! Perhaps this should be listed on October 31st!

sinkhole skull

A man mowing in Franklin County found what appears to be a human skull in a sinkhole.

Mark Wells said he was mowing in a farm field along Jones Lane in the Switzer community Tuesday when he noticed a sinkhole that had gotten significantly deeper. When he stopped and looked into the approximately 15-foot deep hole, he spotted what looked like a human skull lodged in the side about halfway down.

Wells said the sinkhole has been there at least a year, and it was marked off to keep anybody from falling in, but it wasn’t nearly as deep before.

Sheriff Pat Melton tells LEX 18 that they are uncertain of the age of the skull, but that they must treat the scene as a homicide scene.

“We don’t know whether we dealing with something that’s been here hundreds of years.  There have been Indian artifacts found on this farm. There’s a cemetery on the other side of this farm. So, we don’t know whether this is something that’s hundreds of years old or if it’s something that’s 20-40 years old. We really don’t know that. We’ve got to process this like a homicide scene. That’s our goal to preserve evidence, recover and photograph extensively to get the most that we can get,” says Sheriff Pat Melton.

The Franklin County Sheriff and the coroner are currently on scene. An excavator is being brought in to see if there are more remains on the site. The skull and any other remains found on scene will be sent to the coroner’s office to be identified

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1 Response to Franklin County, Kentucky. July 22nd, 2015

  1. Liz O'Brien says:

    That’s crazy. It says the sink hole had been there for at least a year, so it couldn’t have been from someone falling in during that year. Plus it is stuck in the wall. I wonder if they could find out more information about it by digging up the rest of the body.

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