Traigh, Scotland. January 15th, 2015.


dog golfcoursehole

January 20th update~!~ DOG IN THE SINKHOLE!! The dog is fine, relax everyone.


Now that’s a trap! Must be a tough course! golfcourse2015-1 Traigh Golf Club in northwest Scotland is experience the worst nightmare of many a golfer. Its course recently developed a massive sinkhole and now there are financial concerns about whether it will be able to get back on its feet again. And if so, when? Alec Stewart, a spokesman for Traigh Golf Club, told Golf Club Management how it happened. “A large sinkhole about 14-foot deep has appeared on our golf course, due to the large drainpipe or ‘culvert’ from the back of the course to the sea failing,” he said. Fourteen feet! Dwight Howard standing on LaMarcus Aldridge’s head! The issue is both the cost (approximately $30,000) and what happens next. “Without repairing this pipe about half of the golf course will revert to bog and this would effectively be the end of our golf course. Our insurance company is only going to pay for a fraction of the replacement fee because they ‘do not cover culverts.'” That’s an unfortunate thing for Traigh — they’re looking for funds though and hopefully they’ll be able to find enough to fill in the hole and get golf cranking again at their club.

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