County Kilkenny, Ireland. February 18th, 2014.

A LARGE sinkhole has developed near Galmoy Mine in Co Kilkenny, it has been confirmed.

The Department of Energy and Natural Resources confirmed the existence of the sinkhole this afternoon.

The hole is 15m in circumference and 9m deep.

However there is no immediate danger to the public – the field and a small minor road beside it have been closed off.

kilkenny 2 kilkwnny 1

Engineering experts have been called in and a number of assessments are being carried out to determine what caused the sinkhole, and if there are any dangers of it expanding further.

Kilkenny County Manager Joe Crockett told RTE news all proper procedures were followed.

“It was noticed on Saturday morning by the landowner who notified the mining company.

“The main question is the risk to public safety, and if there are further risks presented. The assessments done to date indicate there are no risks.”

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