Tampa, Florida. August 9th, 2013.

Poor Tiger Woods.

It seems no one is safe from the scourge of sinkholes!



A sinkhole may be sucking down his $60 million dollar Jupiter Island mansion in Florida. Hit that button to watch a video report on how Woods’ mansion is sinking — and how it will be repaired. Florida is getting way too famous for its outrageous sinkhole problem which destroys home and even lives. On Thursday, 10 News for Tampa Bay revealed that the Florida Geological Survey and the Florida Division of Emergency Management are going to use a $1.08 million federal grant to assess the ongoing sinkhole problem in the state. But the three-year pilot study will come too late to save Tiger Woods or many other Florida homeowners with houses already in place. The state said that the growing sinkhole risk was likely sparked by 2012 Tropical Storm Debby, which poured heavy rainfall into the state after a prolonged drought. Empty voids in the ground filled with water and then collapsed, leading to an outbreak of the sinkholes. TMZ said the hapless 37-year-old world number one golfer first noticed cracks in the dining room. When Woods called out the contractors, they quickly found the cause — a probable sinkhole that was sucking the walls and doors down unevenly. Ouch.

A Daily Mail report suggested an alternative theory. They suggested that some pilings under the mansion had been misplaced or not properly situated in the first place. I wouldn’t necessarily doubt it, but I wouldn’t want to be the contractor who had to explain that kind of goof to Tiger Woods. It’s safer to blame it on sinkholes. Either way, the Jupiter Island mansion will have to be stabilized by driving giant screws 24 feet into the ground. The job will take 15 screws at $1,000 a screw just for the parts. Hmm. Doesn’t sound too pricey considering the reported value of the Jupiter Island mansion. But I’d be happier if I were confident that the screws would actually work to stop Tiger Woods’ sinkhole problem.

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