Seffner, Florida. March 5th, 2013.

Oh well, it’s definitely coming up on sinkhole season in West Central Florida:


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A SECOND sinkhole has opened up in Seffner Florida. Heralding the beginning of Florida’s notorious “sinkhole season.”

The latest sinkhole opened two miles away and was said to be about 12-feet round, three feet deep around the edge and about five feet deep in the center, according to Hillsborough County spokesman Willie Puz. Police say the second one does not pose immediate danger, Reuters reports.

The two sinkholes also appear to be unrelated. “It is not geologically connected,” Puz said.

“Spring” is known as “sinkhole season” in west central Florida, which has a particularly porous karst, or limestone, geology that’s prone to creating the unexpected — and worrying — depressions.

According to Fox 18, the 12-foot-wide second sinkhole emerged between two houses in the Seffner neighborhood, and has yet to cause any structural damage or harm to the neighbors.

Local officials are investigating the new sinkhole to determine what is to be done about it,wrote Tampa Bay Online, noting that the hole is about 10 feet deep.

“Oh God, it’s scary, you never know what could happen,” said Katia Varga, who lives two doors down from the new sinkhole, to Fox.

“See it happened to that man? It happened to our neighbor; it could happen to anyone. You got to watch out and be safe.”

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