Lawrenceville, Georgia. Jan 17th, 2013.

lawrenceville2013-3 lawrenceville2013-2 lawrenceville2013-1

Amid continuous showers, crews are working to repair a sinkhole that opened up underneath a Lawrenceville road.

Lyle Circle was closed Thursday in light of the incident. Channel 2’s Richard Elliot was there around noon as repair crews dumped gravel into the road to fill it in before repaving the road.

When the sinkhole opened up, a parking lot on the road became flooded with mud. County officials said it all started when utility crews accidentally cut a water main.

The parking lot belongs in part to the regional headquarters for Orkin pest control. Workers said they arrived to a muddy mess, but said crews responded fairly quickly.

“Well, we had mud all over the parking lot, but a few minutes after we got into the office, there was a crew that showed up and they started working on removing all the mud and cleaning the parking lot,” Orkin Service Manager Kenneth Manigo told Elliot.




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