Allentown, Pennsylvania. 30th July, 2012.

No really good pictures yet, since the sinkhole formed under a house..

A sinkhole in Allentown, PA threatens the structural integrity of several homes along 5th Street. Now residents don’t know where to turn.

One of the homes partially collapsed Saturday afternoon.  The rest of the block is now evacuated. 23 people were forced from their homes, and most say they plan to stay with relatives. City officials gave no word when it may be safe for people to return.

Allentown Fire Chief Robert Scheirer believes the damage may have been caused by a broken water pipe, but that’s still being investigated.

Engineers will send a robotic camera into the sinkhole to see how deep it is, and how fast it’s spreading.

In December a water main break and a sinkhole elsewhere forced two dozen Allentown residents to evacuate.

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