Republic of Dagestan, Russia. January 23rd, 2012.

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Dagestan locals were recorded staring into a giant sinkhole, which is a republic of Russia.

Strange sounds seemed to be emanating from the sinkhole, reminiscent of the sounds commonly referred to as “UFO sounds” or “sounds of the Apocalypse” that began escalating in popularity in 2011 and reached a crescendo in January 2012.

According to an update by UFO Scandinavia: “The hole has been measured to be no more than 30 meters. A girl was saved at the same time. She was thrown down there by her husband. The sinkhole is not new and has been known by the locals.”

So, not only have strange sounds been recorded at the sinkhole, but it was the scene of a horrible crime when a man threw his wife into the gaping hole! In addition, Myunhauzen74 reported that the crater may be the scene of a UFO crash, although scientists are still reportedly searching for the official cause of the crater.
While this recording from the Republic of Dagestan is only a few days old, so-called UFO sounds are nothing new. A strange sounding UFO was documented in as early as March 2011, while a more highly publicized version of the UFO sounds made its way to the Internet in November 2011.

Here’s some video:

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