Erwin, Tennessee. 10th December, 2011.

A gaping sinkhole has drained a family’s swimming pool in Erwin, Tennessee and is growing in size – threatening their home.

Homeowner Brad Thelan said the noise of the sink-hole opening up under his in-ground pool awakened his wife Chemene on Wednesday night.

The hole was about 10 feet across on Thursday afternoon but by the evening it had tripled in size and was fast approaching the Thelan’s family home.

Gaping sinkhole: The sinkhole has opened in the bottom of a pool at the home of Brad Thelen draining the family’s swimming pool
The family have been forced to flee their home and remove their valuables.

They are now staying with relatives until the sinkhole stabilizes.

A playground at the neighboring Chapel Elementary School was cordoned off until seismologists are able to examine the hole.

Mostly caused by erosion, they are can also be caused by dissolving of the carbonate cement holding together sandstone particles.

Sinkholes can also be formed with the changing of land surface or natural water-drainage patterns.


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