Orem, Utah. August 24th, 2011.

A steamroller fell into a sinkhole on an Orem street, bursting a pipe that began spewing sewage on Wednesday.

Orem city construction crews were working at 1200 North near 1150 West and smoothing the asphalt. About 10 a.m., a 12-foot-deep sinkhole appeared in the freshly paved asphalt, said Orem police Sgt. Craig Martinez.

The steamroller fell into the sinkhole, cracking a buried sewage line.

As the sinkhole grew, sewage spewed from it and spilled across the road, Martinez said. The steamroller was nearly swallowed as the road collapsed, but the driver was able to escape uninjured.

The sinkhole grew to roughly eight feet wide and 12 feet long and was at least 12 feet deep, Martinez said.

Police closed 1200 North from 800 West to 1200 West, along with a portion of 1200 West, which was closed from 1100 North to 1300 North.

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