Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania. August 23rd, 2011.

A 16-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever who usually just lies around met with an untimely accident yesterday when he fell into a sink hole outside of his 4590 William Penn Highway home. The dog’s owner, Caroline Kenny who had just let her dog George out for an afternoon bathroom break saw George fall into the hole head first.

Kenny called 911 about 3:00 on Monday, and several area fire departments responded to the call. The Lehigh County Special Operatons Division which specializes in technical rescues and has specially trained personnel involved in situations with confined spaces and building collapses arrived to help.

Shawn Lubenetski, 35 who has three dogs of his own, supervised and helped to plan George’s rescue. A backhoe was brought into the yard to dig an eight-foot hole to get to the dog, but then the rest of the digging had to be done carefully by hand. Small trash containers were filled with dirt and hoisted out of the hole. The hole was lined with lumber to prevent it from caving in. A firetruck’s ladder was suspended over the house and the sink hole to provide support and protection for the firefighters as cables were attached to the men for their protection.

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