Union Township, Ohio. June 22nd, 2011.

The heavy rains from Tuesday’s storms are causing big problems for one family near I-275 and State Route 32 in Union Township.  It’s left left them high — and not so dry.

On Laurelview Drive in Union Township, a huge sinkhole which collapsed yesterday during the pouring rain could have easily swallowed up pets, small children, and even SUV’s. It did not-but it was close.

“What happened is I was driving to go to dinner. You’re too young to drive. Well  I was with my aunt and we came back and there was just this big hole.”

A big hole which caused a big problem. Jessica Becker had to just watch and wait while crews built a bypass road so carscould get in … and get out. “We are now stuck at our house because of the sinkhole that happened last night. We can’t go to work and we can’t get the kids to day care. We’re here until the new access road gets done.”

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