Morristown, Tennessee. June 20th, 2011.



Work crews with the Tennessee Department of Transportation continue to investigate what caused a large sinkhole to form on Highway 11E in Morristown.  The department is also working on a repair plan.

Water was the cause for the sinkhole, but whether it was rainwater, utilities, or a combination of both is still under investigation. “When we get these rains or a leaking utility water line, it can carry the soil away and we have a dome that’s created and it collapses,” said TDOT’s David Barker.

This most recent occurrence is not the only sinkhole to appear in Morristown this season.

Employees with the Morristown Public Works Department have been busy tending to 9 sinkholes, six more than they would usually fill in an average year.

“We’ve got four that we’ve repaired, we’ve got five sinkholes waiting to be repaired back,” said Morristown Road Superintendent Lester Turner

TDOT estimated it could take days before the sinkhole on 11E is fully patched.

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