Spring Hill, Florida. June 6th, 2011.

A suspected sinkhole has opened on the property of a home located at 4016 Everett Avenue in Spring Hill.

As of Monday afternoon, the 25-foot hole, which has eaten away at the foundation of the home, was under investigation by sinkhole specialists and claims adjustors.

Everett Avenue, off Landover Boulevard, is located in an area of Spring Hill prone to sinkholes.

Neighbor Teresa Morales said she has three holes on her property and has open claims with the insurance company.

“I’m scared to go in my own backyard,” Morales said.

The other neighbor, J.F. Martin walked over to the property to see the commotion.

Martin said he hasn’t seen anything on his property but living so close to one that appears to be a big one scares him.

John Thompson, a homeowner and advocate of sinkhole protection rights for citizens, said he was waiting for a geologist to confirm the void on the property is indeed a sinkhole.

Thompson has criticized recently passed state legislation that prohibited homeowners from submitting sinkhole claims to their insurance company unless there was structural damage to the home.

The bill was designed to cut back on fraudulent sinkhole claims.

But Thompson argues that it leaves too many homeowners without protection and the Everett Avenue case is a prime example.

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