Detroit, Michigan. June 6th, 2011.

A sinkhole in Detroit is creating a dangerous sitaution. It’s several feet deep! Neighbors on Ohio at Eaton, on the city’s west side, used a rake to show us how deep the water is. The entire rake, from top to bottom, fits into the sinkhole filled with gushing water.

A city spokesperson said they would send a crew out on Monday. Neighbors tell us a watermain broke last week and the water department put up barricades, but the barricades were actually swallowed up by the sinkhole.

“Anybody can fall in there, not knowing,” said one neighbor. “The sidewalk still looks like it’s strong, but we’re looking at the water push the sand from under it which is pushing the foundation from under the sidewalk. If you walk across the sidewalk, you could fall into this hole, that’s how dangerous it is.”

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