Krabi, Thailand. May 24th, 2011.

From our Thailand correspondent, Miaow Siamwalla:

A sinkhole appeared, deeper than 15 meters in a Krabi pineapple farm. Village officials informed us of a ‘dreaded danger’.

Journalists reported that because of a soil collapse into a sinkhole formed. In Ban Nai Rai, Moo 5, Tambon Nong Talay, Muang Krabi. After heavy rain continued for several days, the sinkhole collapse occurred in a pineapple farm.

Thaweesak Din measured the width of the hole at 5 meters deep into the soil over the bottom of the pit 15 meters, and features a large cavity.

However, Thaweesak said that the area formerly used as a rubber-hole collapsed before. But just to plow the soil, pineapple farming. It is implemented, rubber trees and the rest of the pile to be sold out at the last 2-3 days, even the heavy rain, the soil has collapsed and fell into the pile out to the hole type is not visible debris. ever.

The sinkhole did create panic among villagers in the area. Because of fear that it may happen again in the neighborhood.

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