Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. May 10th, 2011.

Suzette Beemer’s backyard on Cedarhurst Lane in Lower Allen Township currently looks like a construction site. A few weeks ago, heavy rains caused a sinkhole to develop on her property.

“Each day it got larger and the more rain that we got, the larger the hole got,’ said Beemer.

An excavating company began digging and found a large pipe where the water was spitting out. Neighbors who have lived on the street for decades have seen similar problems over the years. Beemer went to the township to ask for help and to see why the storm pipe is draining into her yard.

“They denied us any assistance because they’re saying it’s 100% on private property and they have no records of any storm drain pipes coming into our yard,” said Beemer.

The estimate to fix the mess is between $7,000-14,000 and it’s not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Beemer isn’t mad the township won’t pick up the hefty tag; she just wants them to prevent future sinkholes at her house and neighbors’ properties.

The township manager said they do plan on looking into where the storm water does drain in Beemer’s neighborhood to try and fix it in the future.

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