Memphis, Tennessee. April 27th, 2011.

At 5:00 am Wednesday, 45-year old Marsha Newsom of Holly Springs made her daily commute to work. She traveled from Byhalia on Highway 309 but came to a screeching halt.

As her daughter, Moneesa Harris, told us by phone- that’s when her mother’s car was gobbled up for breakfast by a sinkhole.

“When you pass our mailbox, there’s a little bridge where the water runs under. It just collapsed. It just collapsed. It’s a big gap in the middle of the road,” said Harris.

Harris says almost immediately after the accident, her grandfather, a Marshall County volunteer fireman and her cousin jumped off the bridge and into the hole to help, until a Holly Springs fire unit arrived to begin a 90 minute rescue operation.

“They put her on the stretcher and they had to pull her up on the side of the bridge, through the mud. There was no other way to get her out.”

“She is in surgery at the moment. They had to rush her into emergency surgery for her hip-her hip is broke. They had to rush her to the Med.”

Harris said there were no signs to alert people of the danger but now signs have been posted.

There is no word as to whether Ms. Newsom is out of surgery.

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