Manchester, Connecticut. March 18th, 2011.

Crews have been working on the sinkhole since Thursday afternoon. People who live near the busy crossroad bordering East Hartford, Manchester and South Windsor are finding that the easiest way to get around the area is on foot. The town of South Windsor is making the repairs because it was the town’s 24-inch sewer line caused the 15-foot-deep hole. The initial belief was the pipe was going to be replaced and the road patched up by midday Friday. But crews keep finding more and more of the sewer line needed to be replaced.  “We’re hopeful that we get 10, 15 feet down, and we’ll be able to find pipe that is structurally sound,” said Michael Gantick, of the South Windsor Department of Public Works. The good news is that no one has lost sewer service because of sinkhole, and this line serves customers including the Buckland Hills Mall area nearby.

“We have these large pumps, and we basically have these pipes across the road to the next manhole using gravity so there’s no interruption,” Gantick said.

Officials said the best-case scenario was for the repairs to be finished by Saturday. The worst case was for repairs to be completed sometime Monday.

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