Rockford, Illinois. February 22nd, 2011.

ROCKFORD — Four water main breaks occurred today in Rockford, two of them on the same street, Public Works Director Tim Hanson said.

The first of two sinkholes to occur on Cushman Road occurred after a water main broke and covered the residential road in water. A city salt and plow truck was called to spread salt but fell into a sinkhole after the ground under the vehicle was weakened by the water main break.

A tow truck was called to extricate the plow truck from the hole.

Hanson said the city truck was not damaged, and the sinkhole has been temporarily repaired.

Water mains are typically buried 3 feet underground. Hanson said it is normal for the city’s older and more ridged water mains to break almost on a daily basis as the ground shifts and goes through cycles of freezing and thawing between now and spring.

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