Statesville, North Carolina. February 11th, 2011.

Eroding pack dirt around a culvert is causing a road in northeast Statesville to become increasingly dangerous to cross.

Two barricades are all the warning drivers have as they reach the downhill portion of the 100 block of Commerce Boulevard, in an industrial park off Crawford Road

“The state told me it’s not their problem and the city said they won’t take it over because it’s not up to standards,” Pardue said. “Everyone says it’s not their problem but if someone ends up going off into that mess, it’s going to be a real problem.”

The closest business to what is fast becoming a sinkhole is Harkey Electric, Inc., run by brothers Steve and Robert Harkey.

Steve Harkey said the road damage literally gets worse on a daily basis.

“It’s six inches further back than it was just a few days ago,” he said. “Someone has got to do something about this hole.”

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