Jersey City, New Jersey. February 3rd, 2011.

A Jersey City firetruck is stuck in a sinkhole on Linden Avenue, at the intersection of Garfield Avenue.

The ladder truck’s double rear wheel on the driver’s side fell through the pavement this afternoon, wedging the truck in place.

Two tow trucks are at the scene now, jacking it up, Fire Director Armando Roman said.

At about 1 p.m. the two left rear wheels of the truck plunged through the blacktop above an 8-foot-deep hole and the rear end of the truck was touching the roadway. Water could be heard rushing in the undermined section of roadway and dirt was heard splashing as it fall into the water.

Fire Department officials worked out a plan to jack the truck up and slide a steel plate over the hole so the truck can be moved.

“We don’t know if a pipe broke earlier and washed out the infrastructure of the road or if the truck fell through and broke the pipe,” Roman said.

The fire truck, which is stationed nearby on Linden Avenue between Old Bergen Road and Ocean Avenue, was heading to a motor vehicle accident when it got stuck, Roman said. Another truck responded instead.

No firefighters were injured, Roman said.

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