Levittown, New York. February 2nd, 2011.

A Levittown Public Schools bus transporting kindergarten students to the East Broadway School in Seaford fell into a sinkhole in Wantagh late Tuesday morning but the few youngsters on the vehicle did not suffer any injuries, according to authorities. The accident also led to a water main break affecting some homes in the North Wantagh area.

The bus accident occurred at about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday morning as the bus was on Red Maple Drive West approaching Wantagh Avenue near the Levittown border. The bus was carrying four students on their way to half-day kindergarten at the East Broadway School, according to Officer Joe Salvatore from the Nassau County Eighth Precinct who responded to the scene.

“They made the turn and the road caved in,” said Officer Salvatore when describing how the bus got caught in the sinkhole.

After the accident the Levittown School District sent a replacement bus to transport the students to the East Broadway School. Levittown district officials contacted a tow company to try and lift the bus out of the sinkhole and the Nassau County Emergency Services Unit will also assist in the effort, said Salvatore. The students and driver evacuated the bus through the rear door of the vehicle.

Following the accident a water main break occurred in the area surrounding where the bus was stranded that seeped out onto Wantagh Avenue. Arena said a couple homes on the block where the accident occurred had no water because of the break but nobody needed to evacuate. Aqua New York responded to the scene to investigate the severity of the water main break.

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