Ashland, New York. January 28th, 2011.

A broken pipe on Voyagers Lane left about 350 people without water for several hours yesterday and caused a sinkhole in the road.

The town shut off water to the condominium-lined street and nearby Presidents Row, which is mainly home to rental properties, late yesterday morning.

Assistant Town Manager Mark Purple said yesterday afternoon that he hoped water service could be restored by around 6:30 p.m., with repairs done around 9 p.m.

Both streets are private, making it the owner’s responsibility to make repairs, but the town tried to help facilitate the work, Town Manager John Petrin said.

“It’s our water, but it’s on their property,” he said. “They need to fix it, but we’re there as an assist.”

The pipe break caused a small sinkhole near the end of the street, Petrin said.

“While I was there, the pavement actually caved into the sinkhole,” he said.

The Fire Department inspected the area to make sure it could still safely respond to emergencies on the street, Petrin said.

The town notified residents about the break with a reverse 911 call.

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