Hartford, Connecticut. January 24th, 2011

WEST HARTFORD — There was a water main break this morning on Foxcroft Road in West Hartford. Courant.com reports that twenty-four houses do not have water. They inform further that the pipe was installed in 1929 and can take from four to six hours to repair according to a representative of the Metropolitan District Commission.

Monday morning a MDC truck was stuck in a sink hole caused from a main break on Ellsworth Road. Ellsworth Street was closed in order for repairs to be made near Riggs Ave.

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. — A truck from the Metropolitan District Commission became stuck in a sink hole after a water main break in West Hartford on Monday morning.

The truck got stuck in the sink hole after the ground gave way because of the water rushing from the broken water main.

West Hartford police said the water main break occurred on Ellsworth Road around 8 a.m and Ellsworth Street was closed near Riggs Avenue while crews worked to repair the break.

MDC officials said 19 homes were without water and repairs could take up to six hours to complete.

The 8-inch line was installed in 1925.

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