United Kingdom. April 14th, 2010

Stroke of luck: Electrician narrowly escapes as an enormous crater swallows up his backyard

A father-of-two has narrowly avoided being sucked into a massive sinkhole which formed a 25ft deep crater in his backyard just seconds after he walked across it.

Electrician Ben Luck lived up to his name after the crater, measuring 20ft wide, swallowed up most of his patio just as he went inside his house.

Mr Luck, 57, and his wife Jean, 55, initially thought a car had crashed into their three-bedroom home.

Lucky: Ben Luck was shocked after a 20ft sinkhole swallowed up his patio minutes after he walked across it

‘It was like an earth quake, there was a rumbling and we both ran out to look and there just a couple of steps away there was this monstrous hole,’ Mr Luck said.

‘It was there in a second. There wasn’t a bit of dust, and there was no sign of the crazy paving, it had all disappeared in the hole. It was about 25 foot deep.’

‘I had been gardening and my wife called me inside for lunch and I walked across the patio. If I had been there at the time I would have died, there wouldn’t have been any trace of me. I feel very lucky, luck by name, luck by nature I suppose.’

The couple and their children immediately fled their house and have since had to move into a hotel.

‘I was terrified, I was shaking. I told my wife to run. I was worried the house would fall into it, I still am, Mr Luck said.

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