Salisbury, Pennsylvania. December 15th, December 2014.

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A street collapsed under a garbage truck Tuesday morning in Salisbury Township, forming a 4-foot-deep sinkhole that forced crews to shut down utilities.

The garbage truck managed to get over the hole in the 800 block of South 25th Street with one of the sanitation workers standing on the back of the truck nearly getting knocked off, Salisbury Township firefighters said at the scene. Neither worker suffered injury.

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Alhambra, California. December 16th, 2014.

A 10-inch depression in the road turned into a 13-foot hole Tuesday as the city’s engineers were working to fix the intersection of Mission Road and Marguerita Avenue.

121614 alhambra

City engineers did not have a cause for the hole, which started caving in Monday afternoon and grew to 13 feet after crews began digging around 1 p.m. Tuesday, Alhambra Police Sgt. Jerry Johnson said,

“They think it has something to do with the way the water flows,” Johnson said, referring to the recent storm runoff. “But they’re not sure what caused it, they’re still digging and investigating.”

The Marguerita Avenue bridge was closed over the train tracks and the eastbound lanes of Mission Road remained closed, Johnson said. The road was anticipated to be opened by Wednesday evening.

He estimated the hole to be about 13 feet to 15 feet deep and about 25 feet across. The hole is in the intersection, blocking the northbound lane and part of the southbound lane on Marguerita, and the No. 2 lane and part of the No. 1 lane on eastbound Mission, he said.

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Melbourne, Australia. December 15th, 2014.

12152014-4 12152014-3 12152014-2 12152014-1Homes have been inundated and cars sank into the road after a water main burst in Melbourne’s inner city.

Residents were woken by a flood of water early on Tuesday morning as water surged through a residential street in Port Melbourne.

Up to 50 homes on Liardet Street were initially threatened by the flood, as pressurised water sprayed from the burst 375-millimetre pipe.

3AW caller Vanessa Proctor said the flooding was substantial.

“My cat was swimming in the backyard,” she said.

Another woman told 3AW she thought it was a tsunami, given the street’s proximity to the bay.

State Emergency Service volunteers sandbagged properties and removed furniture from some homes.

Spokesman Stesan Delatovic said up to a dozen properties were initially thought to be under threat from the rising water.

Ultimately, three homes were damaged by ankle-deep water and three cars were damaged.

South East Water spokeswoman Caitlin Rode said the damage was caused by pressurised water escaping from a 375mm water main at the corner of Little Cruikshank and Liardet streets.

Repair crews arrived within 15 minutes and are still on site.

Engineers will investigate the cause of the burst.

Liardet Street remained closed at 8am.

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Basildon, United Kingdom. December 5th, 2014.

basildon2014-2 basildon2014-1

A sinkhole has appeared in the front garden of a house in Berkshire.

The 10m (32ft) wide and 5m (16ft) deep crater formed outside the family home of Sarah Jenkins, in Upper Basildon, near Reading.

Ms Jenkins said: “It’s massive and it’s getting bigger all the time.”

Consultant engineer Dr Clive Edmonds described it as “one of the larger of the hole sizes to appear”.

The hole first appeared on 5 December but is continuing to grow.

Ms Jenkins added: “The only access to our property has been across our neighbour’s garden.

“It’s taken out quite a bit of the driveway and garden and it’s sitting underneath my children’s climbing frame, so it’s very serious.

“It’s dangerous. Living with this is absolutely dreadful.”

‘Manmade tunnels’

The house sits on top of an old brick factory, which was active in the 19th Century.

Tunnels run under the street at 16m (52ft) beneath ground level.

Dr Edmonds, a partner at Peter Brett Associates which is investigating the case, said this meant the pit should be more accurately described as a crown hole, rather than a sink hole.

“That’s when a collapse is due to manmade tunnels in the ground beneath rather than naturally formed,” he said.

“Size-wise it’s as large as any that are recorded on the chalk in southern and eastern England.

“It’s definitely had an impact as it’s in close proximity to the property.”

Ms Jenkins said John Lewis Insurance had yet to make a decision on her claim, but she was hoping for an answer before Christmas.

The company turned down a previous claim in February, when a smaller hole appeared in the driveway in which her car became stuck.

“The expense is crippling and this new hole is unbelievable,” she added.

John Brady, head of commercial at John Lewis Insurance, said: “This is an ongoing investigation that we are taking very seriously and treating as a matter of urgency.

“However, until we have a final decision from our risk assessors, we are unable to comment further.”

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Pasco County, Florida. November 24th, 2014

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The driveway of a home on Torch Street in Holiday appears to have caved in next door to where a sinkhole swallowed a car earlier this month.

The depression is the third incident in the neighborhood, where two sinkholes opened, both those holes were recently filled in.

“We thought now that the holes were filled, we were on our way to getting back to normalcy, but it doesn’t look like it yet,” said Laura Meldrum, who was evacuated two weeks ago.

Meldrum is among the neighbors who remain out of their homes at the Holiday Travel Park, put up at a hotel paid for by the park. Pasco County released a statement Monday saying the decision of when to return is between the homeowner, private insurance carrier and insurance carrier of the park.

The county has only condemned one home – the one where the car was swallowed up (and later pulled out).

“At this point we don’ t see any other structural issues that are going to condemn the other homes,” said Pasco County spokesman Doug Tobin.”That could change if more of these holes do open up.”

Pasco County announced Monday that work on a nearby sewer project, which some residents suspect holds some blame for the sinkholes, will remain halted through the Thanksgiving weekend. The county planned to deliver letters to residents telling them work will not resume “until our geo-tech consultants have told us how to best proceed with the project.”

A private geology company was in the neighborhood on Monday, taking soil samples and testing the ground along Torch Street.

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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. November 23rd, 2014.

bethlehem nov23-1

A large sinkhole on a Northampton County street has been filled in but the road remains closed. A home, whose yard and driveway have been mostly swallowed by another sinkhole, remains standing. The first sinkhole opened Thursday night  in the front yard and driveway at a home on Hampton Road in Bethlehem Township Quick Clicks Lafayette getting back to work prior to Kansas game Victim identified in deadly crash Manhunt over; killing spree suspect found dead in woods $1.4 million jackpot-winning lottery ticket sold in Bern Greater Berks Food Bank receives large donation ahead of holidays   A PPL utility truck, dispatched to turn off power, eventually fell into the hole.  Dozens of residents were forced from their homes.  As crews worked to repair the damage, a dump truck, working to fill the hole, fell into another sinkhole.  The sinkholes formed following a water main break, officials said Sunday morning, a 69 News crew found the hole on Hampton Road had been filled in with gravel but it has not been repaved.  The sinkhole in the driveway and front yard of a private home has yet to be filled in. Most residents in the area have been allowed to return to their homes.  The people who live in the home with the sinkhole in the driveway have not yet returned, our crew said.

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Phuket, Thailand. November 10th, 2014.

phuketnov10-5 phuketnov10-4 phuketnov10-3 phuketnov10-2 phuketnov10-1

Officers shut down a road in central Phuket today after heavy rains and flash flooding this weekend caused a large, dangerous sinkhole to form on one side of the road.

Part of Rural Road 4008 off Thepkrasattri Road, near Bang Jo Prison in Srisoonthorn, gave way after strong water flow inundated the drain pipe below and washed away the earth around it that was supporting the road.

Local officers told the Phuket Gazette that they immediately closed the road, as they were worried that more of the road would cave in if motorists tried to drive on it.

“Part of the road has crumbled away, but the rest of it is still there with water streaming underneath,” said Amnouy Limpanon, an officer from the Srisoonthorn Tambon Administration Organization (OrBorTor).

“It’s too dangerous to allow motorists to pass on this road right now.”

Mr Amnouy did not specify when the road would be repaired.

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