Yanal Peninsula, Russia. July 16th, 2014.

A huge unexplained crater has appeared in Siberia, Northern Russia.
The Gas rich area where the hole was discovered – which is the main production area for Russian gas supplies to Europe – is called Yamal which translates to ”end of the world”.
The strange emergence of the hole has resulted in internet theories ranging from a possible UFO landing to a large meteor striking the earth.
The most plausible of the theories is that global warming caused an underground explosion due to melting ice, resulting in a mixture of gas, salt and water which could have ignited and exploded. This would explain the darkened sides of the hole which could be burn marks.

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An urgent expedition will leaves tomorrow to probe a giant crater that has appeared in gas-rich northern Siberia.
Extraordinary aerial images show a mysterious hole which experts say may be up to 262 feet wide, in the Yamal Peninsular of northern Russia.
‘A scientific team has been sent to investigate the hole and is due to arrive at the scene on Wednesday,’ The Siberian Times has reported.







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Swansea Heads, North Wales


Sinkholes resulting from the presence of old, abandoned mine workings threaten the integrity of luxury homes in the NSW seaside town of Swansea Heads.

A sinkhole which is believed to measure as much as 20 metres in width and 10 metres in depth has opened up in the front yard of a three-storey home in Swansea Heads, threatening to topple the structure of the building itself.
The couple who own the home returned in the evening to discover it sliding into the gaping sinkhole, with the patio and front corner of their house already succumbing to collapse alongside tonnes of bricks and debris.
A second, smaller sinkhole had opened up in the yard of the residence two doors over by the following morning.
Mine subsidence board officers said that the first sinkhole had appeared above the old furnace shaft of an abandoned mine situated beneath the house, which was itself built as recently as the late 1990′s.
The occurrence of the second sinkhole has prompted fears that the presence of the abandoned mine, which is believed to be around 25 metres in depth, could result in further collapses along the luxury property strip.
According to officers the abandoned Swansea Pit, a coal mine which ended operation in 1953, extends below dozens of luxury houses situated on Lambton Parade – a prized swathe of real estate which offers scenic views of Swansea Channel.
Despite the damage and structural compromise caused by the first, larger sinkhole, experts nonetheless believe that the home can still be spared from destruction and restored.
The officers have used concrete to plug up the holes in a bid to restore the structural integrity of affected houses.
The Mine Subsistence Board has launched an investigation into the sinkholes, and is conducting inspections to ensure the safety and stability of adjacent buildings.
Experts speculate that the sinkholes are the result of erosion in relation to the old abandoned mine shaft.
Greg Cole-Clark, head of the Mine Subsistence Board, said that owners of affected houses would receive compensation for any damage their properties suffer as a result of the sinkholes, and expressed no “undue concern” for adjacent homes.
The region’s history as thriving mining hub leaves many new properties potentially vulnerable to the problem of sinkholes.
According Stephen Fityus, a professor of geotechnical engineering at Newcastle University, as many as half the houses situated within the geographical confines of the city of Newcastle could be undermined by old mine workings.

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Evansville, Indiana

Sinkhole appears under car in Evansville

Wow, pretty cool!

Evansville police tell us a car was at a stop sign when the ground gave out causing in to go halfway into the hole at Oregon and Main.

We’re told a water main was broken about 15 feet down from the impact of the car.

Director of Utilities Allen Mount says it was caused by a 70-year-old brick sewer line.

They were finally able to tow the car out of this hole but they’re now dealing with the issue of what to do now to fix it.

The city may have to hire a private contractor to fix the hole. For now they plan to block off part of Oregon Street to keep the area clear. Main street should stay open though. The driver says he stopped at the stop sign and suddenly the car just caved into the ground. Everyone who was in the car was able to make it out safely. Lisa Lockwood lives just a few blocks away from this area. Lockwood says she drives through this intersection every day. She says there have been areas near her house that have given way. Now that the road has given way to create this huge sinkhole Lockwood says she’s nervous that more damage could happen and says she plans to avoid this area. “Even after they filled it I would be nervous to drive over it,” says Lockwood. “Even though they fill them and fill them, they still continue to cave in. I wouldn’t want to drive over it. It would scare me…





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Saskatchewan, Canada.


SHELLBROOK, Sask. – With the installation of a new and bigger culvert, motorists can once again travel on Highway 3, west of Shellbrook, Sask.

As the spring melt arrived in the province, the original culvert failed under Highway 3 near the hamlet of Mont Nebo, Sask.

RCMP say the sinkhole was reported by someone who realized a large hole had formed across the entire highway.

The road was closed after a culvert washout left it impassable in late April.

At one point, nearly 90 per cent of the roadway was a sink hole.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure says it made every effort to speed up repairs and the installation was completed a week earlier than initially planned.

The ministry announced traffic was flowing again on Thursday but reminds drivers to always slow down to 60 km/hr in highway construction zones.

Shellbrook is approximately 125 kilometres north of Saskatoon.

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High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. February 17th, 2014

SINKHOLES are becoming a very real threat, experts have warned, as the recent deluge has left Britain in a sodden, soggy mess.

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A sinkhole which swallowed the car of Zoe Smith in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire [PA]

A number of giant chasms have already appeared across the country leading to travel chaos and homes being put under threat and experts have warned this number could grow.If the wet weather continues, it is expected that the ground will become more unstable but even when our British weather returns to normality sinkholes are expected to appear as the underlying rock dries out.Already the UK has been hit by a unprecedented number of giant holes.Usually, Britain experiences around 20 sinkholes a year in urban areas but the latest bout of bad weather brings the number reported in urban areas to five in the last month alone.

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Kent, United Kingdom.

More rain, more sinkholes for the UK.

Motorway closed for a second day as engineers tackle 15ft-deep SINKHOLE that opened up below central reservation.

m2 1

A 10-mile section of a busy motorway remains closed after the discovery yesterday of a 15ft-deep hole in the central reservation.

The section is on the M2 in north Kent, between junction 5 near Sittingbourne and junction 6 south of Faversham.

The hole – about 16ft long and 6ft wide – led to the section being closed from early yesterday afternoon, leading to big tailbacks on routes leading to and from the Kent coast.

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Yorkshire, United Kingdom. February 17th, 2014.

More rain, more sinkholes…

yorkshire 1

Three homes have been evacuated over fears one was in danger of collapse after a sinkhole – the UK’s sixth in a month – opened up.

A cordon has been put in place to protect members of the public in Magdelen’s Close, in Ripon, North Yorkshire, after police were alerted at 5.40pm on Monday to the 25ft-wide hole.

No injuries have been reported at this stage and police officers are going from house to house to warn residents close to the affected properties.

Firefighters, ambulance crews, utilities engineers and structural engineers are also at the scene.

It comes after fears gypsum subsidence had caused ground instability in the area.

The concerns caused councillors to reject a plan for 75 homes less than half a mile away earlier this month, The Ripon Gazette reported.

A 5ft-wide, 20ft-deep chasm was reported in the back garden of a suburban property in Croxley Green, near Watford in Hertfordshire, on Sunday. A house and three flats were evacuated.

Seventeen homes were evacuated after a 35ft-wide hole opened up on the corner of a residential street eight miles away in Hemel Hempstead.

Motorists on the M2 suffered days of chaos after a huge void appeared in the central reservation, closing a 10-mile stretch of the motorway near Sittingbourne.

In Barnehurst, southeast London, another huge sinkhole appeared in the back garden of a home a few feet from a child’s trampoline.

And earlier this month, a sinkhole measuring 30ft-deep swallowed a car after opening on the driveway of a house in High Wycombe.

There are usually around 20 sinkholes a year in the UK, although many may appear in rural areas and go largely unnoticed.

Experts are blaming the weather which has seen record levels of rainfall during December, January and February.

The rainwater turns acidic as it absorbs carbon dioxide in the air or combines with decaying plants, and dissolves rocks like chalk, limestone and gypsum.

Underground cavities become bigger, and as heavy rain makes surface layers of clay or gravel heavier, they can no longer be supported and collapse into the space below.

It is difficult to predict where sinkholes will appear but areas where activities like mining have created man-made holes tend to be more vulnerable.


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