Sidcup, London, United Kingdom. March 22nd, 2015

lorry4 lorry3 lorry2

A RECYCLING truck/lorry was almost swallowed up by a SINK HOLE as binmen carried out their morning collection.

The stricken rubbish truck was finally removed from its precarious position by workmen at 4pm

The workers were forced to abandon their truck as it teetered on the edge of the massive hole, that is thought to have emerged because of a fresh water leak.Council contractors managed to move the massive vehicle before it fell through the road by laying down a temporary surface of heavy-duty wooden boards. The hole opened while binmen did their rounds in Sidcup, south east London, this morning. Witness Elaine Roles tweeted: “The hole is growing by the minute and the lorry is sinking!”

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Brestovac, Slovenia. March 16th, 2015

------ 2 color slbar

Translated….. The aliens return

in the municipality Brestovac?

Nobody understands what happened, disbelief villagers Gučani, settlements in the area of ​​Brestovac, the eastern part of the Požega Valley glances into the hole that opened yesterday in a pasture above the village, a hundred meters from their cemeteries. When and how to open the hole in the ground width of about 1.5 meters in diameter and a depth of more than three meters – no one knows, but noted the first walkers and immediately informed journalists Voice of Slavonia.

– Locals do not remember that such holes opened in this area, and all of them wonder almost completely symmetrical dimensions, clean-cut, almost ideal circular shape – says Tomo Vrhovac, Gučani resident, who has called and to see a miracle.
Among the locals spread the story that they might re-visited by aliens, who a few years ago rolled over large areas of cereals in regular geometrical shapes in the field Brestovac. How are the neighboring village Ivandol archaeologists discover ancient settlements there last and archaeological excavations, locals are hoping that perhaps at them in terms of what a settlement or a new archaeological site. Basically, a coherent explanation does not, because, as they say, the days there was not some larger and more abundant rainfall in this area, so the reasons for opening of such a large hole poems treats imaginative stories.

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Memphis, Tenessee March 6th, 2015

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Frayser woman says she needs help for her 62-year-old mother, whose house is sitting above a sinkhole in her backyard.

Carmen Coleman said she called multiple city departments and got the runaround, so she came to WREG to get some answers.

“We just wanna know what to do, can we get some help, please,” Coleman said.

Coleman said the sinkhole is near her mother’s kitchen. She’s owned the home on Juliet Street for more than 20 years.

The sinkhole, which is filled with water in the backyard, grows each day.

“Today it got even bigger,” Coleman said.

It was Coleman’s brother who first noticed it Thursday.

“You could put at least four people in that hole right now, it’s going to swallow the whole house,” Coleman said.

Immediately Coleman started making phone calls. One was to MLGW, who said call the mayor’s action line or a city councilman.

“I left a message. No one ever called me back,” a frustrated Coleman said.

She tried the mortgage and insurance companies, but still no luck, so she tried WREG.

We reached out to Memphis Public Works and the mayor’s office. A spokesperson at the mayor’s office asked us for information about the case. After taking a look, they said a Memphis Public Works crew would come out to inspect it Monday, but Coleman is still worried.

“Monday might be too late,” she said.

Coleman said children walk by the sinkhole every day on their way to and from school, and she’s worried something might happen.

“Suppose one of them come through here and fall in the sinkhole?” she asked.

Coleman’s mother is now staying at her house because she’s too afraid to be home.

“She can’t sleep in that, she already has a nerve problem, heart problem, machines in the house and to know that your house could sink in at any moment and your city can’t help you? What is she supposed to do?” she said.

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Arroyo Grande, California. January 21st, 2015.

HORSE!!! In a sinkhole!

horse-2 horse-1
Emergency crews struggled for nearly two hours to rescue a horse that fell into a sinkhole in San Luis Obispo County.

The animal was stuck up to its neck in a ten-foot deep hole near Arroyo Grande, Calif. on Tuesday.

About 20 rescue workers were able to pull the horse out without injury.

The horse is expected to recover.

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Traigh, Scotland. January 15th, 2015.


dog golfcoursehole

January 20th update~!~ DOG IN THE SINKHOLE!! The dog is fine, relax everyone.


Now that’s a trap! Must be a tough course! golfcourse2015-1 Traigh Golf Club in northwest Scotland is experience the worst nightmare of many a golfer. Its course recently developed a massive sinkhole and now there are financial concerns about whether it will be able to get back on its feet again. And if so, when? Alec Stewart, a spokesman for Traigh Golf Club, told Golf Club Management how it happened. “A large sinkhole about 14-foot deep has appeared on our golf course, due to the large drainpipe or ‘culvert’ from the back of the course to the sea failing,” he said. Fourteen feet! Dwight Howard standing on LaMarcus Aldridge’s head! The issue is both the cost (approximately $30,000) and what happens next. “Without repairing this pipe about half of the golf course will revert to bog and this would effectively be the end of our golf course. Our insurance company is only going to pay for a fraction of the replacement fee because they ‘do not cover culverts.'” That’s an unfortunate thing for Traigh — they’re looking for funds though and hopefully they’ll be able to find enough to fill in the hole and get golf cranking again at their club.

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Cleveland, Ohio. January 14th, 2015


A plow truck was on its route in Cleveland when it hit a steel plate on the road, displacing the plate and sending the truck falling into the sinkhole.

The steel plate was from the Cleveland Water Department and was not marked properly. The sinkhole was in place so the property owner’s plumber could make repairs to the home.

After the truck fell, it was removed from the hole shortly after. The plate has since been replaced.

The driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution and there were no other injuries.

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Lafayette, Colorado. January 12th, 2015.

A massive sinkhole suddenly opened up on a street in Lafayette on Monday morning, collapsing into an old mine shaft and nearly swallowing an SUV.


Being filled

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